All-embracing production solutions


From filming to screening. Kimera Production represents itself everywhere in the complete cross-section of the production process. We are present from the creative preparations at the start, through organising filming, the smallest details in executing and producing, to postproduction work, as well as sound mixing and making DCPs. With decades of experience in the market for music videos and commercials we have developed our own problem solving processes. We have created a living symbiosis between filming arrangements and digital postproduction work allowing for optimization of shooting costs and raising standards of quality at the same time.

In parallel with continued technological developments Kimera Production reached a turning point by the summer of 2011. It became possible to shoot 3D stereo scenes, do digital real time editing and do extensive postproduction work using the company’s own equipment. The system was supplemented by a 5.1 sound system that is indispensible today to meet professional requirements. We offer solutions to publish or share projects in 3D format and to screen them in digital cinemas.

Kimera provides optimum resources for several fields of the film making industry, but the above solutions have been perfected and work for the market of short films and New Wave feature films at their best.