About us


Kimera Production has been built and has evolved with one main principle being at its core. Based on our technological and professional backgrounds we have strived to provide all-embracing filming solutions to meet the expectations of the European and worldwide moving picture industry.

Besides focusing on the technological side of production, our main goal is to cover the whole spectrum of production related processes with a comprehensive grasp of problems, tasks and challenges providing innovative, flexible and creative solutions.

The founder of Kimera Production, Gergely Tóth played a decisive role in developing the first Hungarian portable camera stabilisation system in 1999. In 2010 he developed his own 3D camera system technology, which together with its related filming method has since been at the base of numerous 3D products such as music videos, fashion movies, feature films, presentations.

Due to a wide range of digital tricks we can apply spectacular visual solutions in a cost effective way. Through the years, as a response to the demands of the market we have expanded our apparatus so that we can easily handle even 2K resolution materials. The company and the experts it represents are in the forefront of applying cutting-edge technology.

Our special achievements:

  • Developing the first Hungarian portable camera stabilisation system in 1999. (LEVIcam 6b)
  • The first Hungarian music video made with GenuFlex Motion Control technology in 2003.
  • The first Hungarian Motion Capture based animated music video shot in 2004.
  • The first music video shot with a RED camera in Hungary in 2008.
  • In Hungary the first music video shot with a Canon 5D mark II camera in 2009.
  • Developing the first Hungarian ultra light 3D camera rig and real-time 3D monitor system in 2010. (JELLO 3D)
  • In Hungary the first music video continuously shown at cinemas in 2011 filmed in 3D with 3D digital postproduction work.
  • The first DCP music video mixed in 5.1 sound system  in Hungary in 2011.