Acknowledgements we received:

                               VIVA COMET Nominations:

                               2008: CSÉZY - Szívverés (Category: Best music video)

                               2009: NOX - Időntúl (Category: Best music video)

                               2010: ZSÉDA - Ajtók mögött (Category: Best music video)

                               2011: NOÉMI VIRÁG - Szeretlek (Category:  Best music



                               EUROVISION SONG CONTEST

                               2008: CSÉZY - Szívverés


                               ARANYSZEM (GOLDEN EYE):  The Prize of

                               the Hungarian Society of Cinematographers

                               2007: NOX- Szeretem (Best music video – 2nd Prize)

                               2008: NOX- Nem lesz több tánc (Best music video –

                               1st Prize)


                               2010: – Website of the Year –

                               Brand site category


                               2011 CINEMA CITY SUPPORT

                               ADRI - ELTŰNNÉK VELED - The first Hungarian

                               3D music video, which was supported by 6 weeks

                               cinema screening by CINEMA CITY



                               The total views of Kimera’s about 150 music videos

                               exceed 40 million.



                               The idea of national responsibility has always been

                               important for Kimera. So, it took part in making films

                               for ‘Magyar Termék' (Hungarian Products) and

                               ‘Magyar Turizmus’ (Hungarian Tourism).