JELLO 3D ultra light camera system

The latest achievement of Kimera Production’s developments is a self-devised 3D camera rig system that has been prepared in line with music video filming dynamics to meet special needs. The camera system was specially designed for ADRI 3D Eltunnek Veled.

The main aspects of the development:

  • Applicability of wide-angle lenses: In the JELLO 3D system with a Super 35 gate 14mm, with a Full Frame gate 22mm wide-angle optics can be applied (with a maximum camera distance of 68mm).
  • Relatively small space requirements: in case of SB camera RIGs the minimum size values are usually limited because of the applicability of the wide-angle, but in the development of the JELLO 3D simplicity was of primary importance, so with the inverse RIG technology the 3D camera could be made into a leisurely filming partner.
  • Light weight: 3D RIGs usually present problems because of their weight. The reason can sometimes be traced back to big size cameras. Professional 3D systems continuously work with two cameras at the same time. The angle and the position of these cameras define the 3D space that can be seen. The primary aim of the development was to create the ideal weight, so as a result this camera with basic lenses does not weigh more than 7,5 kilos. The JELLO 3D system has been generally designed for Canon 5D mark II and similar cameras, but the new RED EPIC, RED SCARLET and Canon C300 cameras can also be connected to the system.  
  • Real-time 3D monitor: Kimera Production has developed its own monitor to the JELLO 3D system. The filming crew gets real-time 3D pictures through this monitor system. The 1080p resolution, 22” high luminance LED monitor shows perfectly sharp scenes for the ideal 3D experience to be set.
  • Follow focus: A parallel follow focus device has also been developed as part of the system, which is able to set identical focus range parameters in the optics of both cameras.
  • Applicability: The camera has been tested on several camera moving instruments. Since its dimensions and weight does not differ significantly from the medium size Matte Box cameras, its applicability is similar to theirs. It has already been used on a Tripod, a Dolly, a Jimmi Jib or a Steadicam. Its special construction and light weight makes it easy to use for filming steady Handheld shots.
  • Speed: Another essential concern in the development process was reducing time between switch-overs. Working with in-house experts a switch-over (changing optics, adjusted 3D space, calibrated follow focus) does not take longer than 11 minutes, which allows for a dynamic filming speed.